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Durham Green offers a full spectrum of care – from the fully independent living afforded by residing in one of our beautifully appointed homes, to temporary respite care; in-home support, and all the way to our fabulous extra services aged care facility at The Manor which offers a wide range of accommodation options. And all of this is supported by vibrant, bustling community.

The only thing we don’t offer is the loss of your independence.

In fact Tulich Family Services is famous for its’ ‘Supported Independence’ where we are there when you need us to lend a hand but never try to reduce your freedom and liberty.

As your needs change we’ll be there to lend a hand and take the worry out of everyday living.


The care we provide at the Manor for our residents covers their needs over a wide range of support. For example as a part of our philosophy of ‘Supported Independence’ the Manor caters for the needs of those people who are still independent in many areas of their life but may have limited mobility or are in need of greater access to personal and nursing care than those living at home.  

Similarly if a resident requires a higher level of care, one that encompasses areas of complex care and which may have specialist needs, such as medication management, continence care or wound care – then at the Manor we provide that as well.

Whatever your increasing care needs at the Manor Durham Green we can and will help you to remain as independent as possible. Our goal is to look after you, reduce your worries and ensure that you are cared for.