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We lend you a hand – when you want it. When you need it, we support your independence through a range of services, activities and accommodation types. Unlike other retirement villages, Tulich Family Communities is dedicated to your remaining as independent as you want to for as long as you want to.

Need a day off? We’ve got respite care to lend a hand. Want the garden looked after? We’ve got grounds staff who can lend a hand. Like room service quality meals now and then? A game of darts? A shopping trip? Morning Tea at the coffee shop? A Chiropodist to see? A doctor to talk to? Foxtel? We can do as much or as little as you want or need.

Open the front door of any home at Durham Green Retirement Community and you're in for a pleasant surprise. Durham Green offers a full spectrum of care, from completely independent living to our Extra Services Aged Care Facility, The Manor. So no matter what your age, or your health, Durham Green offers you a wide range of accommodation options supported by expert staff, superb management and a thriving bustling community village. 

In your 60s: Supported Independence for you, your loved one and lifestyle will most likely be ‘just in case’ but if you need us we’ll be there – it may be with some respite care so you can have a day off, looking after your maintenance whilst you travel or just looking after a niggling cough.

In your 70s: Supported Independence means that we’ll be there to take over those things that you no longer wish or have the time to do. We can help around the house and yard, and with the day to management of your residency.

In your 80s: Supported Independence means that we will actively work with you no matter the state of your health to ensure that you remain as independent as you want whilst having your worries reduced and cares taken away.